Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Timex of Portugal also manufactured and repaired Sinclair ZX Spectrum computers since the Dundee plant could not keep up with the needed production and also to sell locally.

The computer pictured above is the first ZX Spectrum coming out of the assembly line in Portugal that was donated to the museum by Eng. Pedro Esteves from TIMEX Portugal. 

Markings of being assembled in Portugal exists as a white sticker on the outside of the bottom case (mostly samples found in the UK) or, at least for the ones sold in Portugal, a silver sticker inside / beneath the expansion bus of the ZX Spectrum. But many of them don't have any specific marks.

It was said by Timex Portugal executives that, at a certain moment, they had a problem with one mould and they reused the TS1500 mould to produce alternative black cases for the ZX Spectrum. Those, awkward, machines were exceptionally sold in Portugal. 

Eventually such cases were reused later for machines sent to Argentina.

Other ZX Spectrums were sold with a hard plastic keyboard (keyboard and template), that could also be bought independently to allow to upgrade the keyboard on already sold machines.