TIMEX Computer 2010
Computer program recorder

Designed and made by Timex of Portugal, namely H. Susano, which told us firsthand that it was released during the Christmas season as typical. Because the workload was already very high, it was done on the side and he was paid extra for it (and we even found the internal letter confirming this!). 

The tape recorder records the signal with a digital wave and as such it doesn’t work with music tapes. But this approach has better results, both in SAVEing and LOADing of cassettes. 

This is the only device released to market with the new TC-Timex Computer logo that represents a person working with a computer on a desk. It was designed by P. Esteves and was the result of the will to change the image used by the brand at the time. Pictures from the TC3256 prototype also showed this logo.


  • Weight: 0,790 Kg;
  • Dimensions: 190x140x58mm;
  • Data transfer rate: 300, 1200, 2400 baud;
  • Recording: DC bias;
  • Wow and flutter: in 3Khz +/- 0,25%;
  • Tape speed: 4,8cm/sec +/- 3%;
  • Output power: 100mw +/- 10%. 
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