TIMEX Sinclair 1040
Multi-Power Supply

The TS1040 is a multi-power supply to replace 3 individual power supplies.

It generates two 9V DC, one 6V DC and one 26V AC connection.

All the connections have a different plug so you cannot make a mistake.

The 26V AC is for the TS2040 printer, the 6V is for the TS2020 tape recorder, one 9V for the TC2048/2068/ZX Spectrum, and the other 9V to connect to TS1000/1500 or another computer.

Some have a switch to turn the power on/off and some don’t have it. Probably a later modification. Some versions have all wires soldered on the PSU and others have jacks.

There is no sign in the case that it is made by Timex, but a small PCB inside has the TS1040 inscription and we have a couple that came from Timex Portugal where they were developed. It was never released in the US. 

Some PSUs with this design could have been made for ORIC Atmos computers (but this requires confirmation). It wouldn’t be a surprise as we know that Timex Portugal together with T.R.A.N. had other collaborations for such computers (refer to the Jasmin FDD system).