Welcome to the TIMEX Computer World, a website from the LOAD ZX Spectrum museum that aims at compiling all the knowledge we keep gathering about TIMEX endeavours (starting with the computing business). We say TIMEX and not specifically TIMEX Portugal, because even though we focus and have access to unique information from the Portuguese unit, we do not exclude in any way the work done in USA or Scotland (or even other units).

This website was originally created by João Encarnado (aka Johnny Red) in the early 2000s. João is a passionate devotee of the TIMEX phenomenon since the day he received a Timex Computer 2048 (TC2048), his first computer. Through this website, he sought to pay homage to the hard work of every TIMEX employee by documenting its significance.

João generously donated his website to the museum with the hope that it could be revamped and serve as a valuable resource to educate people about TIMEX. Preserving and advancing this important website is a true honour that we accepted. João is currently an active volunteer within the museum team and is deeply involved in our mission. So, in addition to playing a major part in reworking his own website, he is also contributing to many other essential aspects of our work. Thank you João!

Overtime, we have had the pleasure of interacting with many Timex employees which entrusted us with many objects, documentation, memories and friendship. Today, we look at this as a responsibility and we intend to honour it in the best possible way. 

We have organised a meeting of former TIMEX Portugal employees in the museum, we have been studying and sharing what we learn about their work and we are even rebuilding some of their unfinished projects. 

With so many interactions and activities, we have won the trust of the former TIMEX Portugal team which recognised the importance of our work for the preservation of their legacy.

And we recognised the importance of many of them to our work, by naming a new room in the museum after Rosalina Alves, a former employee at TIMEX that helped us massively to reconstruct this story. 

With such a rich story to tell, the Portuguese TV group (RTP) hired Galgo Filmes (a portuguese filming company) and the museum to produce a documentary about the story of TIMEX Portugal in its several periods. It is expected to be launched in 2024 and it is a dream come true to us. 

So join us now on a fascinating journey through the Timex Computer World!

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