TIMEX Peripherals

Timex, to help extend the usage of their computers, designed a list of peripherals that could help the demand of everyone. Some did not reach production and ended in the prototype stage.
Here is a list of the peripherals made and sold by Timex Computer Corp and Timex of Portugal:

Timex Computer Corp:

  • TS1016 – 16K memory expansion for the TS1000
  • TS1016S – 16K memory expansion for the TS1000
  • TS1032 – 32K memory expansion for the TS1000
  • TS1050 – suitcase to carry the TS1000, some tapes, and leads.
  • TS1510 – cartridge player for TS1000/1500
  • TS2020 – analog tape recorder
  • TS2040 – Thermal Printer (compatible with all TS computers)
  • TS2050 – Modem (compatible with all TS computers)
  • TS2060 – Bus Expansion Unit (prototype)
  • TS2065 – Microdrives (prototype)
  • TS2080 – 80 col. dot matrix printer (prototype)
  • TS2090 – Joysticks for TS2068

Timex of Portugal, Lda.:

  • TC2010 – digital tape recorder;
  • TP2080 – 80 col. dot matrix printer;
  • FDD – 3″ Floppy Disk system (160K/640K data capacity), 16K RAM, 2 RS232;
  • FDD3000 – 3″ Floppy Disk system (160K/640K data capacity) 64K RAM, 2 RS232;
  • RS232 – RS232 interface for Timex Computer 2048/2068;
  • Joystick – Sound Unit – Sound amplifier for SLCD sounds and Kempson Joystick Interface.
  • Terminal 3000 – a dedicated keyboard to be used with FDD3000 running CP/M 

Timex of Portugal also sold the TS2040, sometimes called the TP2040 (Timex Printer 2040).

FDD6000 was made by Unipolbrit or by Stavi and it is just an FDD3000 with a bigger case to fit two 5,25″ disk drives.