Sinclair basic extension

Timex BASIC 64 was developed by Timex of Portugal and it is an extension of the Sinclair Basic to work with the TC2048 and TC2068 high-resolution mode. BASIC 64 has four versions, one for TC2048, one for TC2068, and variations of both when the FDD system is connected so the user can auto-boot BASIC 64 by pressing the reset button on the TI.

BASIC 64 Tape has a Demo of the capabilities of BASIC 64.

With BASIC 64 you can have 64, 85 or 128 columns of text and high-resolution graphics (512×192). New system variables are created, and the area of the Basic program is moved to the front of the second display file, so it cannot corrupt the screen.

New commands have been added


  • n is the 4 or 5 channel. In the 4 channel the text is printed in 64 columns;
  • In the 5 channel the text is printed in 85 or more columns.

LIST #n;m

  • m is the start line, like LIST;
  • n the channel number, like PRINT;


  • Erases the two display files.

INK* n:

  • The user can only specify one INK color and one PAPER color;
  • It’s similar to INK=n and PAPER=7-n; 


  • Like INK*, but PAPER=n and INK=7-n.


  • n=0 screen resolution=256×192;
  • n=1 Screen resolution=512×192.


  • Like PLOT but to SCREEN$ 1.

LINE x,y,z:

  • Like DRAW x,y,z.

LINE x,y:

  • Like LINE x,y,0.

CIRCLE* x,y,r:

  • Like CIRCLE.
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