Unipolbrit Komputer 2086

The UK2086 is a modified TC2068 by UniPolBrit, the joint venture created from the UK with Poland with the involvement of Timex of Portugal.

The Home ROM was modified (EXROM was untouched) and a modified ZX Spectrum 48K ROM was released in a cartridge, like the Portuguese Spectrum Emulator.

The UK2086 was sold with the original TC2068 keyboard and with a keyboard with IBM-style keys.

The right-hand joystick port was replaced by a Centronics printer port with a DB15 female plug connected to an 8255 controller.

The number 2086 is not a tipo of 2068 but the year the computer launched (1986).

Features of the UK2086:

  • Z80A processor @ 3.58 Mhz
  • AY-3-8912 Sound Chip (same as 1986’s 128K Spectrum) clocked at 1.76475Mhz. It is connected to different ports compared with the Spectrum, so no AY music when playing Speccy games. Because the clock rate is different, the AY sound will sound slightly different from the Spectrum.
  • 24K ROM (16K+8K) BASIC. Same as 48K Spectrum with more commands (SOUND, STICK, ON ERROR, RESET, FREE, DELETE)
  • 48K RAM
  • Memory bank switch: Memory can be bank switched in 8K chunks between the three internal 64K memory banks called the HOME bank (16K ROM, 48K RAM), the EXROM (8K ROM; this one is not completely decoded and can only hold 8K) and the DOCK bank which is empty and is reserved for cartridges.
  • The cartridge dock is located under a door on the right side of the computer.
  • One joystick connector (not compatible with any Sinclair joystick)
  • One DB-15 Centronics printer port
  • Composite video available on the jack. RGB signals are available on the rear edge connector.
  • Runs on 9V like Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
  • ZX Spectrum edge connector compatible. The extra signals of TS2068 are in the extra contacts.
  • 32×24 / 64×24 character screen
  • 68-pin custom Gate Array (SCLD) capable of the following video modes
    • 256×192 pixel, 32×24 attributes (Spectrum screen)
    • 256×192 pixel, 32×192 attributes (extended color mode)
    • 512×192 pixel, monochrome
    • Dual screen mode where you could flip between two Spectrum screens.