TIMEX Sinclair 2060
Bus expansion unit

Timex Sinclair 2060 would be the Bus Expansion Unit (BEU), the big dream of Timex. With the BEU, TS2068 would have 16MB of RAM, Serial and Centronic ports, a disk interface, and an RGB monitor.

Because Timex Computer Corp folded, the BEU was never finished.

In the above picture, the BEU is the big box behind TS2068.

According to the project specifications, it would have on the front a reset switch, a power led, and a cartridge port and would be connected to the 2068 through the expansion port. Monitor, ear, mic, TV, and power would have a pass-through to the back of BEU. At the back, it would have 4 expansion ports of 64 pins just like the one in the 2068.

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