TIMEX 3000

The Timex 3000 System was called to the combination of Timex Terminal 3000, Timex FDD 3000, and a Neptun monitor. The Neptun sold with this system does not have a sound amplifier.

It runs CP/M to have a more professional appeal to the market since it works on 80 columns instead of the 32-column ZX Spectrum screen.

A serial printer, for example, the Timex Printer 2080, could be connected to the FDD 3000.

Features of the Timex 3000:

  • Z80A processor @ 3.58 Mhz (TT3000) + Z80A processor @ 4 Mhz (FDD3000)
  • 16K ROM (TT3000) + 2K ROM (FDD3000)
  • 16K RAM (TT3000 not usable to the user) + 64K RAM (FDD3000)
  • Composite video available on the jack (FDD3000) generated by TT3000
  • 68-pin custom Gate Array (SCLD) 80×24 character screen monochrome (TT3000 only)