TIMEX Terminal 3000

Timex Terminal 3000 is a computer that acts as a CP/M keyboard Terminal to use CP/M with FDD3000 in 80-column mode. It has a 16K ROM, 16K RAM, Timex SCLD, Z80A, and logic to communicate with the FDD3000 without the use of the Timex Interface.

The first batch came with top round keys but later the keys changed to IBM style.

The FDD3000 cable attaches directly to TT3000, powering it up and transporting the video signal to the back of FDD3000 to a video composite monitor.

Terminal 3000 has the same size as the 2068 but a better keyboard.

Features of the TT3000:

  • Z80A processor @ 3.58 Mhz
  • 16K ROM (TT3000) Terminal program
  • 16K RAM (TT3000 not usable to the user)
  • Composite video signal available on the jack (needs FDD3000)
  • 68-pin custom Gate Array (SCLD) 80×24 character screen monochrome