TIMEX Sinclair 1510
Command cartridge player

Timex Sinclair 1510 Command Cartridge Player is an interface that allows the use of solid-state software (cartridges) with instant LOAD on TS1500.

It is also compatible with the ZX81 and TS1000 but needs a 16K RAM Pack and to type a BASIC command (USR) for the software to start. This is not needed in the TS1500.

Timex released 4 cartridges for this interface:

  • 07-9001 Supermath
  • 07-9002 States & Capitals
  • 07-9003 Chess
  • 07-9004 Flight Simulator

There are rumors that the cartridge sold in Portugal was named “SuperMatemático” (Portuguese for Supermath), but it must be very rare as we found a significant stock in an old warehouse and all were called Supermath (in English). 

TS1500 cartridges are NOT compatible with Timex 2068 ones. They have the “guide tab” in different positions.