NEPTUN 156 Monitor

With the deal of exporting the TC2048/2068/FDD to Poland, Timex imported those cheap Polish Neptun video composite monitors made by Unimor.

They provided a shaper image than a TV but they were monochrome with green phosphorus. Two versions were sold in Portugal: with or without a built-in sound amplifier. The units without sound amplifiers would be sold for the Timex 3000 System (Terminal 3000 + FDD 3000) and the units with sound amplifiers would be sold with the TC2048/2068 computers. An easy way to check if those have the sound amplifier is by looking if there are 3 knobs on top of the unit. 

A less common silver version also exists.

Netpun Back

The unit shown here has a sound amplifier.
WE VIDEO = video in
MASA = ground (common to video and sound signal)
FONIA = sound in