TIMEX Printer 3080

The Timex Printer 3080 is a rebranded 9-pin dot matrix Seikosha SP 1200AS, that was going to replace the Timex Printer 2080 as it is a faster and more modern looking printer. 

The 3000 branding was taking place with the Terminal 3000, FDD3000 and now with TP3080.
Timex Computer 3256 was going to join the product lineup.

As for the TP2080, it is a serial printer compatible with Epson ESC codes, that can be connected to one of the serial ports of FDD/FDD3000, the Timex RS232 interface or directly to the TC3256 computer.
The printer can print the dip switches configuration if the user manual is lost.

A Seikosha SP-1200AI printer (Centronics interface) compared with the Timex Printer 3080.

Both these printers were donated to the Museum by Luis Bandeira from TIMEX Portugal.