TIMEX Software
From TMX Portugal

List of software made by Timex of Portugal for the Timex Computer range and Peripherals:

Software in Tape:

  • Basic 64;
  • TC2048 demotape;
  • Timex RS232 Interface software;
  • COPY

Software in Disk:

  • Timex Operating System (TOS);
  • CP/M for FDD3000;

Software in Cartridge:

  • Spectrum Emulator;
  • Time Word;

Software sold by TMX Portugal, but developed by others:

  • Gestin-1 (Stock control);
  • GeBanc (Bank account control);
  • Ourives
  • Alfacont;
  • TasWord 2;
  • FlexiFile (Data base);
  • FlexiWrite (Word processor);
  • FlexiCalc (Spread Sheet);
  • Graflog (Graphic Charts);
  • Devpac (assembler for Z80 CP/M systems);
  • Pascal (Pascal compiler for CP/M);
  • Basic (Mallard Basic for CP/M).
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