Word Processor for 2068

Timeword is a word processor for the TS/TC2068 on a cartridge made in 1986 by A. Nobrega from Timex of Portugal. It was meant to be as a better copy of WordStar with support for Portuguese accentuation. 

Since it is a cartridge,  it auto-starts upon powering up the computer. Texts can be saved to a cassette or disk (if the Timex FDD system is connected. TC2048 TI must be used). Can print to RS232 printers through the Timex Interface RS232 or the Timex FDD system (must be connected to Channel A). Serial printers must be configured to 1200 baud, no parity, 1 stop bit, CR. 

Timex Printer 2080 dip switches: 

  • 2-1 OFF (baud rate)
  • 2-2 OFF (baud rate)
  • 1-1 to 1-3 no effect (language font)
  • 1-4 OFF (Parity bit ON/OFF)
  • 1-5 OFF (Bit length)
  • 1-6 ON (Page length 12″)
  • 1-7 OFF (Carriage return no line feed)
  • 1-8 ON (Parity bit odd/even: not used since 1-4 is off)

Because it is a 16K ROM that replaces the 16K Home ROM, it does not use RAM for its execution and the user can type 512 lines by 64 columns of text! Even if the computer is only capable of displaying 64 columns, it is possible to use the full 80 columns. Uses both display files in high resolution 64 columns.

Timeword was sold as a standalone cartridge and as a bundle consisting of a (complete) black TC2068, Timeword cartridge, RS232 Interface, and keyboard template to be easier to know what actions each key can do. 

Various versions of the template can be found, gold, silver, black…

Timex Computer 3256 (TC3256) would have Timeword already in ROM so this cartridge was not needed.
This cartridge exists in both black and grey plastic casings.

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