T.R.A.N. Jasmin

Jasmin is a disk system made by Timex of Portugal for the company Société T.R.A.N. (Technologie, Recherche & Applications Nouvelles) to be used on the ORIC 1/ORIC Atmos computers made by Tangerine Computer Systems.

The system uses the same casing as the original Timex FDD but with only 2 boxes: One is the controller with a PSU and the other is a 3″ Hitachi drive.

The system connects to the ORIC by its expansion port and the Jasmin PSU powers up both the disk system and the computer, replacing the ORIC original PSU.


The controller has 2 buttons: Reset and Boot. RESET resets the computer and BOOT boots up T-DOS (Can be Timex or Tran), the disk operating system for Jasmin.

Later it was updated stating an improvement of 17 times the speed of disk operations and was called F-TDOS (Fast-TDOS) later renamed again to FT-DOS.

1000 units were produced by Timex, all to be sold in France.

Even visually being very similar to the Timex FDD, it’s not the same as the Jasmin is just a disk controller.

Other versions of the Jasmin disk system were released but the intervention of Timex of Portugal on those versions is unknown. T.R.A.N. Jasmin 2 was made by Datel.

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