* R.I.P. Sir Clive Sinclair (30/Jul/1940-16/Set/2021) *


Museum LOAD ZX Spectrum is the result of a collaboration between the Municipality of Cantanhede and the Associação Geração SPECTRUM (SPECTRUM Generation Association) that explores João Diogo Ramos’s collection, one of the biggest international collectors within this field and that was born in Cantanhede.

The LOAD MUSEUM is dedicated to the ZX Spectrum,

which was for many Portuguese and foreigners (Spanish, English, etc.) their first personal computer. But the Museum also includes many other equipments related to this theme, in a functional state and properly documented, so that it can be enjoyed by the visitors.

Get to know the history of this treasure which contributed, in a very decisive way, to the introduction of technology in so many peoples’ lives and some even built careers in the area.

Appreciate the role of this device in the technological revolution that already put cell phones in our pockets.

And learn - in case you don’t know it yet - about the important role that Portugal played at the TIMEX factory when this phenomenon started in the 80s.

Come pay tribute to the inventors who created these magical devices and the games that made it famous and come witness that the ZX Spectrum is more alive than ever, with games and even new computers being launched.

Exhibition Area

We are working in order to provide expanded facilities in 2022/3.

100 m2

Tour Guides

English guide will be made available as soon as possible. Spanish will follow.

Revenues & Donations

Reinvested in
the Museum

Photography & Video

No restrictions

Books & Magazines

For consultation
on site


Can be accessed in the public platform Collectors Bridge (in English).

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5 Stars - Based on 38 User Reviews
  • ricardopereiraw Avatar

    5 star rating First time touching a ZX Spectrum! I'm a software engineer and I never had the pleasure to interact with a ZX Spectrum, so it was my... read more

    ricardopereiraw 1/29/2020
    Franciscogourmet Avatar

    5 star rating Amazing museum and a time travel to childhood I owned a ZX Spectrum growing up and it was my most favorite possession as a kid. I learned to... read more

    Franciscogourmet 2/01/2020
  • vascom322 Avatar

    5 star rating One of the most importat historical facts that still triggers nostalgia to all 80's kid nowadays. This is an amazing and complete Sinclair museum worth visiting. It's the only one in the world.
    Sir Clive Sinclair would...
    read more

    vascom322 1/16/2020
    conniesearle Avatar

    5 star rating Fantastic! Absolutely worth visiting! We visited for a few hours and had such a great time. João is so knowledgable - I don’t know... read more

    conniesearle 12/28/2019
  • Vitor P Avatar

    5 star rating A place that brings old memories and to remember with a smile 🙂 Amazing idea, a unique place in Portugal where you can find and remember an important part of the past of... read more

    Vitor P 1/28/2020
    comerEboer Avatar

    5 star rating A true nostalgic experience! One of the only, if not the only, museum dedicated to the Spectrum/Sinclair landscape that recollects so many nostalgic memories!... read more

    comerEboer 1/28/2020
  • 117carlosn Avatar

    5 star rating History of generations A real "must do"! A real "must visit"!!
    A peace of history for multiple generations!
    Spend some time visiting something that will...
    read more

    117carlosn 1/26/2020
    João Paulo Neves Cunha Avatar

    I recommend this exhibition because of the amazing and unique itens in display. It will bring you that good childhood memories.

    João Paulo Neves Cunha 2/01/2020
  • Luis Lima Avatar

    A wonderful trip through memory lane

    Luis Lima 4/12/2020
    Sss01001 Avatar

    5 star rating Astonishing Sinclair museum! I was really amazed with the huge historical Sinclair colection owned and presented by João Diogo Ramos. Any oldschool... read more

    Sss01001 1/09/2020
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Due to the restrictions in place, we recommend to book your visit in advance by calling us as there are several limitations in place due to COVID-19.


Saturdays: 10 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 6 pm

Weekdays: 10 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 6 pm 

Closed on Mondays, Sundays and Holidays

info@loadzx.com (General)
visit@loadzx.com (Guided Visits)
curator@loadzx.com (Feedback or Doubts)


If you can’t wait until you come to Cantanhede to play a game, you can always try one of the several emulators (eg. Qaop/JS, Jan Bobrowski) available on the Internet.

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